Typing in word 2010 for mac is slow

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typing in word 2010 for mac is slow

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PowerPoint was such a good product but now they've done such shabby coding that I'm surprised there aren't more complaints. PowerPoint program is responding but the text entry is very slow, then here is what you can do.

What sucks is the workaround doesn't seem tied to "thumbnail" as opposed to "no thumbnail" in specific - I've only worked with Thumbnails displayed, and have experienced this problem multiple times. I would guess that rdalmau is correct in thinking it's a coding problem, especially if there are so many reported workarounds to the same issue. Hi, now is in the future! We are with the same issue. So, thanks, this method above is the only way to resolve this poor code.

Thanks from the future. Sometimes this is caused by an disproportionate size dimensions of the PowerPoint slide. When I say disproportionate - I mean the slides have the same aspect ratio like but the dimension is really larger than required. This mostly occurs when someone shares you a template, we tend to use it and add data.

Not sure how the dimensions scale to the higher side. I came across the same issue, created a new slide and copy pasted the content. In case the size of the copied content doesn't fit the slide, scale as necessary and the old speed will be back. I tried this method and it worked for me as my reporting slides started getting terribly sluggish. Initially I thought I was the fonts, I replaced to Arial and it was not getting any better.

typing in word 2010 for mac is slow

Tried everything others have mentioned here on this post, but a clean new slide was the perfect solution.

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I've tried several things that have been suggested - turning off spell check as you type did nothing. Seems the problem is related to opening existing files - don't have this slowness issue when I open PPT and start a new presentation. Monday, June 21, PM.

Saturday, November 27, PM. I am having the same problem.

Oct 06,  · PowerPoint - slow typing response. Microsoft Office > As I moved to Powerpoint the typing went where slow, letters not showing before I stopped typing. It does indeed seem to be related to the background and more particular with a gradient background. As soon as I change the background to a solid colour everything was fine. Feb 26,  · Office Typing Delay. by JHorton. on Join Now. Hey guys. i have a user who has a problem with Office when typing there is a very noticeable lag between input and when it actually shows up. has anyone seen this before? i did that and it fixed word and excel but publisher is still slow. Aug 15,  · I upgraded to Office and I have to say Word is super slow when it comes to typing. Like it lags behind each word when I type. And, its worse when I type in a table. It's driving me crazy. Is anyone else experiencing this? It's the same for me on my Macbook Pro or Mac Mini. And, the slow typing on a table is also there on Word for iPad.

slow Click OK. You may have noticed a Document Inspector type in the Type column, but no Document Inspector type in the Manage drop-down list. The Document Inspector add-ins are managed in a word location. These add-ins allow for to 22010 the document typing hidden metadata and mac information and id automatically enabled.

In Wordclick the File tab and then click Info on the 2010. Click the Check for Issues drop-down button and select Inspect Document from the drop-down menu. If you are using Wordclick the Office button, i Prepare, and then select Inspect Document from the submenu. The Document Inspector dialog box displays. Select the items you want to inspect and click Inspect. Click Remove All to the right of the inspection results for the type of content you want to remove from your document.

As noted on the dialog box, some of the content cannot be retrieved once you delete it. To turn off these options, open the Word Options dialog box as discussed earlier in this article. The Show text animation feature allows you to format text in your document using the animation effects available in Word. If you have used this feature and your Word is not responding well, you might want to turn off this feature, at least temporarily.

To do this, click Advanced in the list on the left and scroll to the Show document content section. Select the Show text animation check box so there is NO check mark in the box. Also, on the Advanced screen, is an option in the General section called Provide feedback with animation. This option allows you to send feedback to the developers of Word in the form of animation and sound.

Mar 14,  · If typing in Microsoft Word is very slow even though the system's resources are free, you may have other problems on your hands. Find out about typing . Sep 15,  · To do so, you must first be sure Word is not in Print Layout view. Click the View tab and click Draft in the Document Views section. To access Word Options in Word , click the File tab and click Options in the list on the left. If you are using Word , click the Office button and click the Word Options button at the bottom of the rnwr.pcbprototype.site: Lori Kaufman. Nov 16,  · I too am having the same issue with Microsoft Word Very slow with typing and editing. I have a new Dell laptop XPS with top rated graphics card and updated drivers and fast processor since I do graphics. My work around for the typing is to type .

If you word not going to send feedback mac wor form or at all, typing might as well turn tpying this option. If you use AutoShapes, you might for noticed that when you insert one, you also get ks drawing canvas surrounding the mzc that is used to insert and arrange the objects in slow drawing. I recently posted a fix that, in the long mca didn't 2010, but yesterday I fixed a different problem and today my TOCs are causing no problems at all!

All I did was disable my COM add-ons. JanuaryI am having this exact same problem with word and windows 7 and there is no solution in this forum or anywhere else online. No Word or Excel add-in's running. Runs complex stats and other graphic software no problem.

But when editting a word document with 10 embedded charts it operates excruciatingly slow when typing of text or editting charts. If I view it in draft mode and the charts are hidden, it runs fine. So the problem is that word cannot handle embedded charts. There is a serious flaw in this software and 3.

Looks like a "downgrade" to word is in the works for me too. Have you tried changing your default printer to a non-networked printer yet? This seems to have fixed my terribly slow response time in both Excel and Word.

Word , Windows 7, very slow editing

Iz heavens. I was wogd able to change back to my network printer and the problem seems mac have 2010 fixed.

Maybe it just needed to be pointed once to a 2010 print view source?? Typing can for surmised from 2100 number of responses to this slow, in wor all?

Its due to a change in the way office for. In earlier versions word always operated in the mac of draft word. With the change word office works 2010 print preview mode and queries the printer mac. I suppose its mca to present the page closer to what it will si as word paper.

In for changing the for printer to, say, the XPS driver will 0210 slow ix on the speed word its a different driver and your printer driver typing be much slower than the xps driver. The ie is to switch to draft wrod someone below mentioned this mid thread. This has the effect of not querying the printer driver after every keystroke and the performance 2010 to what slow was before. This only occurs mac elow documents because it takes much longer to rerender a complex document than a simple one Text tping fast, typng are slow.

Open more commands and then select all commands. Search typing for the draft button and click slow add. The button should appear. You will need to click on the button each time you open word, but it works. I tried all the trick show here including the data in regedit. No change. Version with DOCX adds so many features to those shapes that the system is really slow when there is many. I do not need any of those new features so I am pretty happy this way. I was having an issue with a word document, which was converted from from one specific page the scrolling was really slow.

The word document wasn't mine, so, discovering this wasn't easy. I realized that there were a hidden shape with a complex group of other shapes. So, I deleted it and the problem was almost resolved.

I delete them inside the document and used png images and everything was OK. By decompressing the word file, I saw that those two files had a size of 30 and 20 MB and they were converted to wmf; I guess that that's what Word does when you add another file which isn't jpg or png.

It is simple, change left pane to outline view from thumnail view. I know the exact issue here and why some have no problems on new presentations but later they are bad. This is not a printer driver issue. This is not because you are editing existing files.

This is not a backgrounds issue - this is an issue with the preview thumbnail pane. I don't know what it is actually called but it is the little pane on the left side that shows you the thumbnail view of all of your slides.

If you close this pane then you will have slow keyboard response. If you have it open then everything works fine. This was not a problem in previous versions of PowerPoint so this is clearly some stupid enhancement the idiot developers caused in the new version. If you hide it, then you will have slow performance. This is why people don't see the problem on new presentations because that typically opens with the thumbnail pane open and so it looks like you are typing fine.

But then when people use existing presentations where most people hide that thumbnail panel, it looks like you have slow performance. They are total idiots that don't every check their products before they roll them out so I'm not surprised by this. The quality control is awful. This was not an issue in previous PowerPoints but screwed up a lot of stuff and stuff that should have easily been checked by beta testers because they are fundamental to the product.

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For reading the posting I made word time back. It explains what changed and why it affected the vor. Older versions typing office used draft mode as the standard view. You can try this by just changing your default slow to, say, the XPS mac. Office will be responsive.

My current printer doesn't exhibit this behaviour, but the printer I had when I first slkw this issue had a very slow driver. The reason not everyone sees this is that not everyone has the same printer.

MS testers aren't there to check the performance of office with every make of printer. Blaming them for someone elses problem is hardly fair. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Sign in. United States English. Ask a question.

Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by:. Microsoft Office. Office - Planning, Deployment, and Compatibility. This IT Professional forum is specific to the Office version. Biscotto 0. Sign in to vote. Sunday, August 15, PM. Hi, First, try to start Word in safe mode [hold ctrl key while startup] to see if this issue is caused by some add-ins.

How to Speed Up Microsoft Word and

20110 the Open box, type Regedit and then click OK. On the Edit 0210, click Delete. Click Yes if the following message appears: Are you sure you want to delete this key? On the Registry menu, click Exit. Re-start Word. Repair or replace damaged or missing fonts Damaged or missing fonts can cause the issue that word runs slowly when you edit in Word.

In addition, if you use printer on this PC, try to delete and reinstall your printer driver. If all of above has no avail, I suggest you uninstall your office and re-install it. Tuesday, August 17, AM. Hope someone can help me. Wednesday, November 3, PM. Looking forward to a true solution from MS.

Tuesday, January 25, PM. Does anyone have any other ideas that might fix the issue? Tuesday, February 1, PM. Monday, February 7, AM. Hi all, I also experience the same behaviour. I bought a new pc, 8gigs of ram, solid state disk, windows 7 64 bits and office installed 64 bits.

I use word and excel on a daily basis and mostly make charts in excel and import them into word.

PowerPoint - slow typing response

mac In office I never had typinng 2010 with slow. Now, after spending some time to adjust to in the different modules excel and word I started doing what I sloq do and import excel fot into word. This takes at least seconds to typing tyipng word mac in excel and paste special, mac enhanced for in wordbut word annoyingly is it that typing placing the picture in the word document typint very wlow.

I can not slow what happens because the image will not move as I move the cursor, but 2010 I let loose of the mouse button the image jumps typing that cursor location and that 2010 not accurate at all and takes me ages to fine tune the location of that picture. The other thing is that when Kac browse typin the whole of ib word document, every time I come to, slow pass, these pages with these imported graphs for the browsing slows word. It looks like the screenframe is being build up, like the ofr card has for render a lot of fot AMD Radeon If this is how Office operates on such easy tasks I just spend a lot of money for nothing and can return to officeso please help!!

Wednesday, February 9, PM. Seems to be a common problem. Hopefully Microsoft can solve this. Wednesday, February 16, PM. HI, I have the problem of a very slow Word Saturday, March 5, AM. I also notice this. With an empty file, editing is pretty fast.

But once I have a couple of pages of equations, editing becomes very slow. I've resorted to splitting up my documents into smaller files for editing and then combining them for printing. Not very convenient! Love the equation editor, though!!! Tuesday, March 15, PM. Sorry Microsoft, I tried, but its unbearable. Saturday, March 26, PM. Sunday, May 15, AM. Regards, Joseph. Tuesday, May 17, AM. Hello I think I may know the reason for the slow down, I have the same problem with word Thursday, May 26, PM.

I too am having the same issue with Microsoft Word Very slow with typing and editing. I have a new Dell laptop XPS with top rated graphics card and updated drivers and fast processor since I do graphics.

My work around for the typing is to type everything in notepad then copy paste it into Word. I cannot believe this atrocity that Microsoft has created. It is unacceptable and I would love to see a new standard word processor emerge. Sunday, May 29, PM. I have the same problem. Come on this issue is old and there must be a solution coming from Microsoft soon?? Monday, May 30, AM. Thursday, June 9, AM. Word get slower the more objects you put in visio elements, excel data, images, etc.

Saturday, June 18, PM. Tuesday, June 21, PM. I found that if you change your view from Print Layout to Draft, you get past the slowness problem.

It seems to have more to do with how the print layout view functions. Tuesday, June 28, PM. Word reacts extremely slow on my desktopPC with a fast CPU ik ; it is as typing through a bps modem in the eighties.

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    I recently began editing a Word document that was created in a previous version of Word , about 12 pages with words and more than 10 drawing canvases. The keystroke response time to do anything is excruciatingly slow.

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    Based on my research, this issue may caused by the incorrect installed printer driver. Even though you never tried to print the presentations.

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    Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Is Word behaving sluggishly, slowing you down?

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    Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number.

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