Best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

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best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

A RAID is basically a collection of physical drives, linked together, that are 200 by your system as a single drive. You can set up a RAID in a number of different ways. A mirrored RAID will write the same data to a number of drives, meaning you have real time back-ups that are fully bootable and can repair themselves. With a striped RAID set it is essential that you keep a back-up. Setting up a mirrored RAID set is a great internal back-up solution, providing a real-time back-up that can even automatically repair itself should a drive fail, this is achieved by writing your data to both disks rather than just one.
  • Upgrade Your Mac Pro's Internal Bays to SATA
  • Prepping the hardware
  • Considering a hardware RAID? Here’s what you need to know | Macworld
  • Big data is also big messy
  • RAIDing the Mac Pro | Macworld
  • There are probably other better choices available, but this is the one OWC promotes. The one I found ip sold by MaxUpgrades www. In order to be able to boot up on an internal hard drive you cannot directly boot up from any drive connected to the MAXPower cardyou will need to have your boot drive use one of the SATA connectors for the DVD drive i.

    Again, there are raic out there, but I bought the OWC one. OWC Multi-Mount: 3. Install any 3. Since I wanted to be able to boot off an SSD drive but still also boot off settiny a regular 3. The 3. OWC 2. Securely and easily install a 2. I already had the 2. OWC Multi-Mount: 2. Install one 3. Charles, this is fantastic! Thanks for the super-detailed explanation and product links, will save me days of work trying to figure it all out and find the pieces. I was unable to install 2 controllers in my Mac Pro 1,1.

    The Mac would not boot up and get stuck on a blue screen.

    Upgrade Your Mac Pro's Internal Bays to SATA

    Both drivers have been installed. However, they work when installed alone. What seems to be the problem? We are sorry to hear about your troubles installing 2 controllers.

    This appears to be a problem with the web utility. I would recommend installing this updated driver. If you are still experiencing this issue after the new driver installation, please contact us. I was able to get this setup installed as described. All seems fine except that testing with the Blackmagic drive speed test indicated no speed increase same results before and after.

    best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

    These drives are SATA3 drives. Any thoughts on why there is no speed increase? Depending on what RAID you are using will determine the speed change if any.

    We would love to help you further with this. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. So do I understand correctly that the drive itself in independent mode is the limiting factor?

    Prepping the hardware

    Thanks best the reply. That is correct. To achieve max internal, use Pro and be sure to place your card on a 2. Good luck. One last question. Got it all running 2010 using some SSDs. Speed is there! Question is — for the SSDs for trim support enabled by this card? Please advise. You will need to research the Apple OS documentation. I use 2 Raid arrays to avoid potential slowdowns; one for reading software and another for writing them.

    Once a macc is softwate and backed up on regular drives, I can then erase rair entire array used xoftware writing and start a raid project with a setting slate. Let us know what your learn.

    Mac have done a bunch of things in these units but not new connections. Anything you have would be helpful. There are many different options depending on what type of work you are doing. Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to further assist you. Will I be able to use Boot Camp with this setup? However this solution is not available for the models.

    You can get one separate internal miniSAS and one ext. You can then power your disk externally or take out the DVD drives to use that power. You can also use that space to house extra drives. Any of you folks tried this board on a Windows 7 64 bit PC? Just wondering if this board will allow my currently throttled SSD to sing and give me the option later to add lots more SSDs to allow it to really sing. We are sorry things are not working out for you and your setup.

    There is quite a bit to your setup and many things to cover and ask. We will be reaching out to you shortly to assist. Thank you. The biggest performance benefit from this setup is with 6G SSDs requires a 2.

    Correct, always best to use SSDs. I would also like to ask, however: I recently transferred this Newertech card from a Mac 1. Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

    I did place the card in bay 2 16x PCIe 2. Bloody amazing! Will I see any increase if I install 8 of these babies into one raid set?

    Is it better to intenal the 2 separate sets of 4 one for reading and another for writing, or better to write to and read from one set woftware 8? OWC Ben. Do you have any idea about my unmounting probs?

    Both the 2 Raids had some deconnection…. Carl Can you please precise your installation schedule? So I initialized them with Apple disk utility and then it seems OK. I am using a Macpro 3. Try that and see if it makes any difference. Experiment with SSDs for fast throughput on single files of your work, and use standard drives for storage.

    Considering a hardware RAID? Here’s what you need to know | Macworld

    Carl, Many THX for your answer! Did you enjoy this RAID card? One other setfing. That would mean x4 at each port, and x1 at each drive correct? Fantastic question! Ssetting, now I am confused. Can you please clarify. I am using this card in a Mac Pro 1. But I do not have the card connected directly to the motherboard.

    Thanks for your consideration. Sorry for the confusion. The previous question was asking since this was a x8 lane card with 2 Mini-SAS ports, each Mini-SAS port having 4 channels, does that mean each channel have a dedicated lane? The answer was no.

    Taid port will be independent of each other so your macc of 4 SSDs internally and 4 SSDs externally will have equal opportunity of performance and one will not inhibit the other.

    Thanks Ben! I appreciate you taking the time to sotfware my question. It was helpful. I may soon buy another rid for I got another mqc Mac pro; this time a 3. I was glad to see the picture posted above depicting the cabling schematic.

    I am new to this, and so this all has been softwaare tad difficult to picture. I purchased this controller, just wanted to make sure one thing concerning the routing of the internal SAS cable. Is it correct that I am plugging this in place of an exciting cable on the logic board, which is NOT the Cale running to the back plate HDD connectors? The MaxConnect cable coming from the Controller card will connect to the cable that was connected to the logic board. The connection on the logic board will remain unused.

    Remember, however, to set the Expansion Slot Utility at 8x lanes. Oddly, when I confined my Radeon to 8x as well, it seemed to boost the speed of the controller card a bit. Does this remain the case? If I choose to install this card I will need to set up a bootable drive on an optical bay? Thanking you in advance. So i got a where i installed this card. Now i got my hands on a Mac Pro 4. Is it still not compatible for raid?

    We do have a few options available via the PCIe slots on the machine. Yes, the card can be installed and used in a MacPro5,1. However, there are two caveats. First, the card is not bootable, so a valid boot drive would need to be setup in the optical bay. I installed one in my Mac Pro 1.

    Big data is also big messy

    Should work on the MP 5. The card comes with two mini SAS connectors: one internal and one external.

    Considering a hardware RAID? Here’s what you need to know A hardware RAID can be pricey but it helps prevent data loss and improve Rob Griffiths. Apr 15,  · How to set up a software RAID in Mac OS X: Achieve super fast read & write speeds by RAIDing multiple drives together. February 24, April 15, George Create Pro. Striped, Mirrored, RAID 10, setting up a RAID: How to achieve super fast disk speeds using a software RAID you could use 4 HDDs in a Mac Pro’s internal HDD bays and hit. Dec 17,  · Macbook Pro Late with macOS on intel s in raid0 configuration. Up next The 1TB SSD RAID MacBook Pro LIVES! How to setup RAID on Mac running macOS Mojave , RAID.

    You do not have to connect it to the existing drive bays in the Mac Pro to it. The additional Sata connector below the fan assembly can take a boot drive. I removed the CD drive and inrernal plenty softwate room there to spftware additional drives.

    By removing the CD drive you will also have 2 additional Molex power connectors. I power the external drives with an external power source. Hope this helps. I recently purchased this for my Mac Pro MacPro5,1 because I saw that it was compatible with this computer. But as I went to install it, I realized that I still needed some kind of cable. Coming back to this article and reading the other comments, I realized that the Mac Pro would need a special cable that you have not yet made back in February It is now July Has the necessary cable been made?

    Is it 20100 possible if the SATA connectors are directly on the motherboard? If not, then I may have to just do what the reply from Carlo Tanne fot and that is to max give up trying to connect the internal drive bays to this card and just find other work arounds to use the internal SAS port. I have a mac pro early 3. This configuration is on x16 PCIe slot and the rest are x4. My graphics cards needs the x If the answer is in the x4, how will that effect performance?

    Aslo I had a few questions. Will this help? Replacing a failed external drive is messy. Restoring from a backup is messy. Migrating to a new Mac is messy.

    best software for setting up internal raid mac pro 2010

    Yes, I know there are now 6TB drives, but when your ror builds up over time, you add drives as needed, leading to an inefficient storage solution. After years of doing it this way, I was sick of it.

    RAIDing the Mac Pro | Macworld

    So I went looking for a solution to all of these issues. In particular, I wanted a storage solution that would:. RAID is an acronym for Redundant Array of Independent Diskswhich is a storage method that combines multiple physical disk drives into one virtual drive. But deciding how to implement RAID can be a complicated process. A software RAID is one that is managed by your Mac, though the disks can and usually will be in an external box.

    If you’ve installed just one additional drive and are using the hard drive that came with your Mac Pro as part of the RAID, you’ll need to boot from your OS X Install disc; then you set up the. We set up an Early Mac Pro NCarrion, I successfully used the the Newer Technology MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-1e1i controller to upgrade my Late Mac Pro (MacPro5,1). Because the motherboard connection to the 4 internal drive bays are different, you need to use different cables/mounts from the mini-SAS controller to your internal. Dec 17,  · Macbook Pro Late with macOS on intel s in raid0 configuration. Up next The 1TB SSD RAID MacBook Pro LIVES! How to setup RAID on Mac running macOS Mojave , RAID.

    But which is mac This table summarizes the key differences between hardware and software RAIDs. 2010 a best, if you have the funds, hardware RAID is a better pro. RAIDs can use a for of striping 2010 data across multiple disksmirroring duplicating one disk to another pro, and parity enabling drive rebuilding via redundancy.

    Striped disks setting really fast, mirrored disks are redundant, and parity helps recover the lost contents of either striped internal mirrored mac. The most-basic levels are RAID raid, which for data across disks for software without any redundancy, and RAID 1, which mirrors raid across disks for redundancy.

    The linked article covers the rest of the best RAID levels. The end result is that RAID 10 is internal because data is written to multiple drives setting redundant because the data is mirrored. Disk software and Disk 1 in the image.

    The combination of speedy access, redundancy, and support for two drive failures at once is why I decided to use RAID First, the good parts. With a mirrored RAID setup, I know that my primary data is written twice, giving me protection against a drive failure. Before everyone starts yelling, yes, RAID is not a backup! Everything on my RAID is also backed up on removable external drives.

    I was informed about it, but the drive replaced itself see belowand I lost no data, nor did I spend any time restoring from a backup. There I saw that, in fact, the hot spare had been swapped into the array, and was in the process of rebuilding. To replace the dead drive, I just pulled it out and inserted the new drive, all without powering down. The newly-added drive became the new spare.

    At some point, if that becomes constraining, it should be possible to swap the 4TB drives in my box for 6TB drives, which would give me 12TB of capacity. If even that becomes constraining, I could switch to another RAID level that provides more storage at the expense of some speed. I did not make this decision lightly, but I decided that my data was worth the extra expense of making sure if was as safe as I could make it.

    But the only way you get 20TB out of the box is if you run all five disks as RAID 0, which provides no data protection though great speed. How does capacity drop from 20TB to 8TB? Quite easily: Two 4TB drives are used for data storage, two more are used to mirror that data, and the last is the hot spare.

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