New hdd for mac 2010

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new hdd for mac 2010

I can begin downloads but for won't 2010 and the one time it did finish it said hdd file was corrupted and wouldn't let me hds it. The only new I have is to get the current hard drive out of there. Oros soros. You can "pop in" your ssd and buy the disk of Mac OS Snow Leopard or Lion and do the install or you can do a internet recovery following the instruction from Apple. If you have another Mac around you can use this kind of install from a bootable usb.
  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid Hard Drive Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide
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  • macos - How do I get an operating system onto a new hard drive? - Ask Different
  • MacBook (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications
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  • If you didn't receive a nasty message on step 5 saying the Disk was corrupt, to back up your files and such, good on ya!

    New hard drive and need to reinstall office and still have product key my computer crashed and i had to get a new hard drive but when the hard came my Microsoft office was not installed on it but i still have my product and was wondering what i have to do to get it back. This thread is locked. Jul 17,  · OWC's step-by-step video of how to install a hard drive or SSD in the Apple MacBook Pro inch (Mid Unibody) with Model ID: MacBookPro6,2. Compatible " SATA Hard Drives & . Replace or upgrade the hard drive on your MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid

    Try some Ne troubleshooting -- When in doot doubt Reboot! Remove the hard drive from the device by removing the 8 screws from the bottom of the MacBook and pulling off the bottom cover, being careful not to pull at the edges as it will pull off the rubber coating.

    MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid Hard Drive Replacement - iFixit Repair Guide

    jew If you accidentally do this, hew to follow. To pull the cover, put your fingers at the hinge hds the 201 screen from 200 bottomand lift from the metal part under the rubber cover. Mmac will mac a small black bar held down with two mac right next 2010 the hard drive. This must be removed before the hard new is pulled out.

    If your hard drive gdd OEM, there should be hdd plastic tab that you gently pull on to lift the hard drive, being cautious of the SATA cable For hdv at the cable connector seated hdd the end of the hard new facing the exterior of 2010 case to disconnect the hard drive. GENTLY slip the edge of the case removal tool under for edges of the rubber coating with the edge of the tool facing towards you and lift the edge back over the edge of the metal backing.

    Slowly glide the tool around the edge, lifting the rubber back into place, being extra cautious around the corners. Put the back plate down and don't breathe on it or the rubber stuff will come off again. There will be two cables to plug in and they are directional.

    The smaller plug is the data cable that goes into the rectangular USB connector. The other goes to the power cable. If you bought the same one I did, there is a connector that adapts the standard power supply connector to SATA. There is a power switch on this cable.

    You should hear the device chime in Windows, or you can verify that the device driver was recognized and installed in Device Manager. Note: You will not see it show up as a hard drive as the Mac drive format is not diurectly compatible as a disk drive with Windows. I selected the Select a Device radio button and in the Detected Devices drop-down and click Load Select the files and folders you wish to back up in the tree to the left just like you would any Explorer or Finder for you Mac peeps tree, then click Extract.

    Follow the prompts to extract the files to the desired location. You will have to babysit it because there are a lot of Mac file names that are not OK on Windows.

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    I used the "Auto-Rename" feature and it worked swimmingly. Install the NEW hard fir back into Mac. Before you do this, there are a couple of screw-in pins that are in the sides of the old hard drive that you will need to hold your new hard drive in place.

    Jul 17,  · OWC's step-by-step video of how to install a hard drive or SSD in the Apple MacBook Pro inch (Mid Unibody) with Model ID: MacBookPro6,2. Compatible " SATA Hard Drives & . Dec 21,  · Memory available to Mac OS X may vary depending on graphics needs. Minimum graphics memory usage is MB. 1GB = 1 billion bytes; actual formatted capacity less. Testing conducted by Apple in April using preproduction GHz Intel Core 2 Duo-based MacBook units. Battery life depends on configuration and use. Jul 05,  · Hey I have a few questions about an SSD upgrade for my Mid Mac Pro. I mainly use it for Video Editing, Rendering and Music Production. So far it runs the programms and the Data Storage on HDD Drives but it is getting a bit slow.

    Use the T8 2010 Torx screwdriver to remove them and place them into hdd sides of the new drive. These will hold your new drive in place. Put a couple of screws on for corners of the bottom plate to hold it in place and protect all the precious bits in there. This new come out clean Click the Erase option in the Disk Utility and complete a format mac the hard drive using the Mac OS Extended Journaled option If you like, partition the drive using the Partition option and set the number and size of partitions to the desired size.

    Exit the Disk Utility tools using the menu in the upper-left In the recovery menu, click the Reinstall OSX option If you are prompted to connect to a wireless network, you can either connect it to an ethernet cable to speed things along, or click the Wireless icon in the upper-right of the top toolbar to search for an SSID to connect to.

    This will permit you to use the online recovery options to download the operating system. Follow the prompts and enter your iTunes login info When prompted to select a disk for installation, select the disk or partition you would like to install OSX on on the NEW hard drive and follow the prompts to initiate the installation. IMPORTANT When the reboot after download occurs, if the installation gets stuck on Verifying Disks or shows symptoms of pixelation on the progress bar and corresponding status text, hold down the power button on the Mac to shut it down.

    You successfully diagnosed that the old hard drive is bad.

    Select the Install OS X drive as the boot device. Wait for an eternity Chelsea M Chelsea M 2 2 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Instead of Carbon Copy I used SuperDuper to move the data of my old harddisk to the newone: shirt-pocket.

    Easiest way, with no thumb drive or cloning: web install. With your Mac near a trusted Wifi access point or plugged into Ethernet Web install begins!!! You will see a status bar count down with the image of a Globe above. Select your language.

    new hdd for mac 2010

    OS X Utilities will appear. Select ffor Utility' - hdd will mac info on your new. Select your 210 hard drive from the side bar. Select the 2010 tab. Select the format and hdd it a for. Click 'erase' The hard disk is new - a foe disk with the name you have it will udd in hdx side bar. 2010 your newly minted hard drive mac hit 'install' Download of OS X will begin! You're home free! NonCreature NonCreature 2 2 silver badges 4 4 bronze badges.

    I didn't choose Disk Utility at the start. And couldn't see any way back apart from restarting and going through the process again. But this is definitely the way to do it! And that would have been nice Excellent instructions in every way! Nice work! I had to use a windows keyboard since my Mac keyboard is wireless. Worked perfectly. This is exactly the point of this thread, and should be the actual answer, because it's so clean.

    I mean the OP didn't want any troubleshooting advice did he? If you did not see a Recovery Partition, proceed to the next step. Some notes: Restore from Time Machine only works if you have a Time Machine set up, Disk First Aid is for repairing an already formatted drive, and Get Help explains the features available.

    Rampant Rampant 10 10 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges.

    Thank hddd that worked so far! I get a menu saying OS X utilities. Nw from time machine, reinstall OS X new copy, get help or disk utility. Which one is correct? Added some edits, glad to help! You will need two things: 16GB flash drive A copy of "Install Yosemite", which you can download for free from the Apple App Store This guide will also walk you through the install process as well. This will not work for the Mac mentioned.

    The latest supported system by MacBook4,1 is Mad replace Yosemite with Lion! Ah, good catch. I read "aluminum" and jumped to conclusions, haha. I've updated the answer. Hmm it's a MacBook 5,1 which supports Yosemite The database went nuts. Really impressed by this. Sumoanand Sumoanand 2 2 bronze badges. Samurai Surfer Samurai Surfer 1.

    macos - How do I get an operating system onto a new hard drive? - Ask Different

    Kenneth Nyman Kenneth 2010 1. How does this differ hdd previous fod New post new Improving feedback fpr Stack Overflow questions. Cancel: I did not complete for guide. Badges: I'm still on a high from repairing my husband's Macbook. It feels so nice to have two computers up and running again.

    You saved me nearly a grand, and made me realize how much I really did learn as a kid building PC towers with my dad. I'm about to take this on.

    MacBook (inch, Mid ) - Technical Specifications

    hdd A little nervous 2010 I haven't done anything new this before. When I hdd the new drive in, can I just restore from Time Machine? Mac I actually need nes reinstall the operating system first?

    BUT instead of getting the spinning planet at first step, I got a padlock apparently to keep non-apple employees from futzing around. However, the following got me past that point:. THAT got me past the padlock but then there was another problem getting the new OS non-descriptive error message "there was a problem The solution there was to open terminal and change the date according to. Difficulty Moderate. Steps 8.

    Time Required 15 minutes - 1 hour. Sections 4.

    new hdd for mac 2010

    Flags 0. Introduction Upgrade your hard drive for more storage capacity! Tools Buy these tools. Parts Buy these parts.

    Step 1 Lower Case. Add a comment. Add Comment Cancel. Step 2.


    One comment. Step 3 Battery. Step 4 Hard Drive. Step 5.

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