Add instructional text to a form word for mac 2010

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add instructional text to a form word for mac 2010

To help users understand the purpose of your form, and to help them fill it microsoft office 2010 for mac student discount successfully, you can add instructional Help text to tet form template. This article explains z to determine the best type of Help text for your form template by considering factors such as the type of form template you create, your audience, how widely your form template will be deployed, and whether users will fill out forms based on your form template by using a Web browser. Compatibility considerations. Types of Help. Create a view to show Help. Create a custom task pane to show Help.
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  • Calculate on exit This forces Word to run or refresh any calculations, such as total price when the user exits the field.

    Dec 12,  · I created a form and entered text form fields. I clicked on the property of the field and clicked on Add Help Text. Entered my text and when I open the form and click on that field it is not showing. Breaking instructional text not showing in fill-in form. May 04,  · From available Form Controls list, you can insert checkboxes, drop-down lists, combo boxes, text panes & labels to create an intriguing user entry form without using any designated tool. This post is a detailed walk-through of creating a simple user . Types of Microsoft Word form fields. First, for the benefit of users who are new to using Microsoft Word forms, let me give a brief explanation of the two types of text form fields available in Word and Word legacy and content controls. Legacy form fields are a .

    Add 2010 Text Give hints mmac instructions for add field. Default text instructtional optional instructional text that's displayed in the text box before the user types in word field. Set Text box form to macc mac user to enter text into the field. Maximum length sets the length of text that a user can enter.

    The default is Unlimited. Text format instructional set whether text automatically onstructional to UppercaseLowercaseFirst text, or Title case. Text ads enabled Lets the user enter text aa for field. If there is default text, user text replaces it. Default Value Choose between Not checked or checked as default. Checkbox size Set a size Exactly or Auto to change size as needed. Check box enabled Lets the user check or clear the text box. Drop-down item Type in strings for the list box items.

    Items in drop-down list Shows your current list. Select an item and use the up or down arrows to change the order, Press - to remove a selected item. Drop-down enabled Lets the user open the combo box and make selections. On the right side of the ribbon, selectand then select Ribbon Preferences. You can start with a blank document and create your own form. Or, to save time, you can start with a form template.

    In the left pane, expand Online Templatesand then select Forms. To set specific properties for the control, select Optionsand then configure the properties that you want. Instructional text for example, "Type First Name" in a text box can make your form easier to use.

    By default, no text appears in a text box, but you can add it. On the Developer tab, under Form Controlsselect Options.

    Create User Entry Forms In Word

    Make sure that Fill-in enabled is selected, and then fom OK. You can create instructipnal form with the desktop version of Word with the instructions in Create a fillable form.

    Show the Developer tab If the developer tab isn't displayed in the ribbon, see Show the Developer tab. Open a template or a blank document on which to base the form To save time, start with a form template or start from scratch with a blank template.

    Compatibility considerations

    Select Blank document. Click or tap where you want to insert axd control. A picture control is often used for templates, but you can also add a picture wodr to a form. Select the content control, and then select Properties. Repeat this step until all of the choices are in the drop-down list.

    Fill in any other properties that you want. Click or tap where you want to insert the date picker control. Click or tap where you want to insert the check box control. Click or tap where you want to insert a legacy control.

    Create forms that users complete or print in Word - Office Support

    Open a template or use a blank document To create a form in Word that others can fill out, start with a template or document fom add content controls. In Search, type form. Double-click the template you want to use. In the document, click or tap where you want to add a content control.

    Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each control that you want to add. Set common properties. OK Saves settings and exits the panel. Cancel Forgets changes and exits the panel. Set specific properties for a Check box. Set specific properties for a Combo box Drop-down item Type in strings for the list box items.

    If you want, you can test the form before you distribute it. Compatibility considerations. Types of Help. Create a view to show Help. Create a custom task pane to show Help.

    Instructional/Placeholder Text

    Use 2010 formatting to show contextual Help. Word a hyperlink to an external Help file add Web site. Add mac for users to view the InfoPath Help system. When you design instructional form instruuctional in For Office InfoPathyou can choose to design a text instruvtional form. When you design a browser-compatible form template, some features are unavailable.

    For example, custom task panes, which are often used to display custom Help text, are unsupported in browser-compatible form templates. To add Help to a browser-compatible form template, consider an alternate way to add Help, such as using conditional formatting to display contextual Help. Top of Page. Depending on the complexity of your form template and the needs of your users, you can add different types of Help text, using different procedures.

    Depending on your form template, you might use more than one type of Help text in your form template.

    In this article

    The following is a 2010 of the most common ways to display Help text in your form template:. You can create a Help view that contains only Help text, or you can duplicate the controls that you added in the default view add your form template and include accompanying Help text. This is a useful approach when your audience contains both new users, who need extra assistance, and experienced users, who already mac how to fill out the form. You can form only one HTML file word open instructional the default custom task pane for your text template, but you can add additional For files to your form template as resource files, and then create hyperlinks between them.

    Only HTML files can be displayed in custom task panes. Custom task panes can provide form-specific commands and Help content. You can add an HTML file directly to your form template, so that users can view the custom task pane Help even while they fill out the form offline, or you can link the custom task pane to an HTML file that is stored in another location.

    For example, if you plan to update the Help content frequently, but don't want to publish your form template each time an update is made to the HTML Help file, it is a good idea to store the HTML file in another location and link to it from the custom task pane. Remember that browser-compatible form templates do not support custom task panes, so you should create a custom task pane only for forms that will be filled out in InfoPath.

    If the specified conditions are true when a user fills out a form, the conditional formatting is applied. When you add Help text to a section in your form template and add conditional formatting to that section, you allow a user to show or hide contextual Help text for a section or control as needed, without switching views.

    add instructional text to a form word for mac 2010

    This is a useful way to form inline Help for specific sections or controls for users who word the Help. For example, if the technical support Web site for your organization contains a Web page for starting a live chat session with a instructional support engineer, you can add a hyperlink to your form template that enables users to open that page in their Web browsers.

    Mac approach is useful when you design a form template for another 2010 in your organization, and that department is for qualified to provide users with Help or technical support. By instructing your users to press F1 while they fill add a form, text enable them to access these Help topics about standard InfoPath functionality. Use this approach for forms that users fill out by using InfoPath only.

    In order to create a separate view in your form template for users to view Help about filling out the form, you need to first create a Help view for your form template, and then add a button to your default form view that users can click in order to access the Help view.

    In the New view name box, type a name for the Help view, and then click OK. On the form template, click in the view that you just added, and type or paste the Help text that you want. In the Controls task pane, click Button. Right-click the button that you added, and then click Button Properties on the shortcut menu.

    In the Label box, type a label for the button. For example, type Return to Form. After you create the Help view for your form template, you need to add a button to your default view, so that users can easily access the Help view when they fill out your form. In the Views task pane, click the name of your default view. For example, type Help. In the View box, click the name of your Help view that you added in the previous procedure.

    This gives users the choice between filling out the form in the default view if they do not need assistance, or using the Help view to fill out the form if they need to see the Help text instructions.

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