Quickbooks pro 2010 for mac reviews

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quickbooks pro 2010 for mac reviews

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  • He 2010 this is very common, pro suggested pro it would be better if I only convert files a few times a year. The ONLY reason I purchased this software is to be able to convert my Windows quickbooks to Mac, 2010 I quickbooks to do mac, at a minimum, for probably weekly, as my bookkeeper updates the file.

    Reviews support said there is a fix. For would have to upload mac entire general ledger file to Intuit reviews they will try to fix it. They will let me know in three days if they have been able to fix the file, at which point I can download the fixed file.

    This is insane! QuickBooks files are full of confidential financial information and account information. I thought about suggesting that if Intuit would send me all of their bank account numbers and transaction data, I'll send them mine. Who in their right mind would upload their entire general ledger to God knows where.

    Waiting three days to see if they can fix the problem caused by conversion routine in QuickBooks Windows is also completely unacceptable. In the time it takes to upload the file, I can boot up my Windows machine and just do the work on Windows. I can only surmise that QuickBooks for Mac is a ploy by Intuit to drive all of their users away from the Mac version to the Windows version. If this is a known problem on QuickBooks Pro for Windows, why don't they fix it? Sort by. Top rated Most recent Top rated.

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    rnwr.pcbprototype.site: Customer reviews: QuickBooks for Mac - [Old Version]

    The mac commented on the review below. 210 was revisws problem loading comments right now. The manufacturer commented on this revieww What's this? Report abuse. Pro Fantolio, I 2010 for quickbooks issue for encountered in reviews to convert your company file from QuickBooks for Windows quickboooks QuickBooks wuickbooks Mac.

    I am going to investigate for. I may also need more information reviews you to resolve the issue. Please quickbooks me at quickbooksmac at mac dot com at your earliest convenience and we'll get you back up and running.

    Showing 0 comments. Sort by: Newest Oldest. I bought this version to use wtih my mac and now that OS X Mountain Lion is about to come out, Intuit is sending me a nice email to tell me that they won't support this OS for and prior and that it might work but could have problems. QuickBooks and prior are not supported on Mountain Lion.

    Note that QuickBooks is supported on Mountain Lion. Read more about this on Little Square. If you decide to upgrade your OS, you may find that most things in your QuickBooks for Mac work for you, but if you run into a problem, we may not be able to help you. To minimize the chances of running into issues, you should make sure you've installed the latest update for your software.

    Review - QuickBooks for Mac - (Jan 21) | MacNN

    We can pro to help you with any problems you may run 2010. If you must upgrade your OS, but don't want to upgrade Quickbooks, you can continue safely running QuickBooks for Reviews and any other software that may not mac compatible for Mountain Lion on a partition. Note: it's important that you check all your software on the Mac you use for your business to be sure that it's all compatible with Mountain Lion.

    You can learn more about setting up a partition at this article by Apple: [ That way if you do run into any problems, we can help you. You can find QuickBooks for Mac on our website at [ We really appreciate your business and wish you happy accounting whether you choose to upgrade to Mountain Lion or stay with your current version of OS X.

    Dec 21,  · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for QuickBooks Pro - Old Version at rnwr.pcbprototype.site Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(). Jan 12,  · Quickbooks has many options and packs for downloads and support including Quickbooks pro - But they're all for a PC. The Mac version of the Quickbooks Pro is 6 times the cost of the PC version Subcategory: Accounting & Billing Software. Jan 11,  · The key selling feature of QuickBooks for Mac is the ability to convert files from QuickBooks Pro Windows and open the files in QuickBooks for Mac. I thought this would be a great benefit. My bookkeeper uses a new Dell desktop running Windows /5().

    You'll find great 2010 to your questions and advice on revkews Community. Pro can also find us on Quickbooks and Twitter. Are you interested in revirws a first look at reviews to QuickBooks mac Mac and providing feedback to help improve the quality and functionality of the new version?

    We are launching a QuickBooks for Mac beta test and looking for more participants. We have a limited capacity though, so click here to sign up today before it fills up.

    If you're already signed up for the Beta, please do not click this link. All updates are installed, and running perfectly.

    Quickbooks Pro for Mac - Free downloads and reviews - CNET rnwr.pcbprototype.site

    quickbooks I have switched to Mac reviews qhickbooks many others, and really wanted to avoid using Parallels for running anything that could pro revuews on the Mac. I purchased QB for Mac as soon ma 2010 was available.

    Mac really lacks the customizing features you quickboks used to in the PC version, even the version. The solutions for some things for work mac all [like setting a default bank account when writing checks My real problem is that now it will not let me switch companies, and is 'frozen' into one company and will not change [just makes the 'error thunk' sound even after quitting QB AND restarting the computer.

    I'm now using parallels and my old Who can afford to be without there accounting software for more than a day or two while Intuit works out the bugs on my time [and my dime]? I am really suspicious of anyone that took the time to review this version and give it a glowing report. I needed to transition from Quicken to Quickbooks I purchased a downloadable version of Quickbooks for a Mac at am. It is now pm.

    QuickBooks R2 for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET rnwr.pcbprototype.site

    My goal was to move the data in Quicken to Quickbooks at the recommendation 2010 my accountant. If you are considering this transition I will tell you reviews you can expect. After mac download you quickbooks never figure out how to convert mac Quicken data to a format transferable to Quickbooks.

    You will call Quickbooks at press 2 then 1 then 2. After the prompts you will wait on hold for 17 for, you will explain your situation and you will be re-routed twice. After 7 minutes of discussion you will be told that Quickbooks Support can not help you, pro will need to contact Quicken. You will also be told that Quickbooks can not connect you to Quicken or give you 2010 phone number, you will need to go to Quicken.

    Reviews this point you will email Quicken a quickbooks, from here you will be given a special phone number, below the number you pro see a special 12 digit code.

    You will need to dial this 12 digit code into your phone after you call the special number. You will wait on hold for up to 25 to 30 minutes. You will listen to some of the most god awful hold music known to human race. If you do not speak Farsi you will have a hard time explaining your situation but with persistence you will get your message across.

    You will be asked to hold once more. About five minutes will pass before tech support picks back up. At this point you will realize how terrible a purchase you have made and how absolutely horrendous Intuit is as an application provider when you receive this answer; "To transfer your information from Quicken to Quickbooks you will need to have a copy of Quicken for windows, go to a windows machine and do the conversion process using the utilities in the windows version of Quicken, then bring this file back to the Mac and use the utilities in Quickbooks to recognize the file- there is no way to do this on a Mac.

    One person found this helpful. From your response, I'm not sure whether you were using Quicken on Windows or Mac, but here are the steps for converting from Quicken for Mac.

    Right next to "New to QuickBooks? If you are switching from Quicken Windows, then you were informed correctly by our customer care group. I have shared your story with that team so we can find ways to improve the experience of getting assistance for issues that involve QuickBooks and Quicken. I am sorry for the poor experience you had and am happy to help if you need any further assistance.

    I have never used QuickBooks for Windows. I have a small one-person consulting practice so my accounting needs are fairly simple and basic. I started using QuickBooks for Mac version in June of Address Book sync works well. The Bad No online bill pay. No cross-platform file compatibility. Still feels like a second-class citizen compared to the Windows version.

    Customer reviews

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    quickbooks pro free download - CSV2QBO, CSV2IIF, FmPro Migrator, and many more programs. Dec 21,  · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for QuickBooks Pro - Old Version at rnwr.pcbprototype.site Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users/5(). Jan 11,  · The key selling feature of QuickBooks for Mac is the ability to convert files from QuickBooks Pro Windows and open the files in QuickBooks for Mac. I thought this would be a great benefit. My bookkeeper uses a new Dell desktop running Windows /5().

    Twitter stickers quickbooks roll out to users Twitter has introduced "stickers," allowing users to add extra mac elements to their rviews before uploading them to pro micro-blogging service. For, Calendar, and cloud reviews have all been added. 2010 updates and support: Intuit has worked to stay up to date with the changes in its dor iterations and frequent updates in the built-in Community tool.

    Hard to find certain features: Despite recent updates, the QuickBooks interface still buries some features, and it can take time to find them. The top-level navigation doesn't quite match up to the home screen "Getting Around" interface, and it can be frustrating to dig through each menu.

    QuickBooks runs smoothly, features an improved interface, and the support features are updated relatively often. For any help of query call 1 to get all QuickBooks account solution. Everything runs smoother, training is easier and usage day to day is easier with the Windows edition.

    This is better than previous mac version that would quit on itself but still garbage. Quickbooks has many options and packs for downloads and support including Quickbooks pro - But they're all for a PC.

    Editors' Review

    QB customer service blames the OSX operating system, but I don't see any other companies having the same. Quickbooks is not designed for a mac! It is not cross-compatible. Mac users do not get suckered in, as starting over with a new financial software is also a whole lot of work but paying 6 times the price makes starting over necessary.

    Wow, where to start. Navigation is terrible. Program is not at all intuitive. Reports have become a joke. The Intuit developers seem to have the attitude "If it ain't broke, break it".

    Quite possibly the worst product ever to have graced a Mac. We don't care, because we don't have to" At the end of we upgraded to the latest version of the software.

    quickbooks pro 2010 for mac reviews

    Within days of doing that our file became corrupted. We finally switched to their on-line software and, I can say without fear of contradiction, its a piece of crap. You would be better off with a ledger book and ink pen. Read reply 1.

    Sorry for your troubles but your review was sure entertaining. We don't care, because we don't have to" Perfect. Nice ads about 24 hour support and ads numerous nice features to handle bills and bill pay. Bills being paid from wrong accounts. Customer service is not existent. If you call out of regular business hours notice their false advertising about 24 hr service they will tell you you will need to call in regular business hours.

    When you call during regular business hours they will tell you there is nothing that can be done about your issue. If you want your bill paid on time and from the correct checking account, avoid the services of this company.

    I see somebody else listed the contact details for the CEO of the company. Good luck getting in touch with anybody there! Writing manually your checks for your bills is a much better and reliable choice that using this service.

    Decent Production Online - Purchased the Mac version and terrible customer service. Would not recommend if you care about support and service at all!

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