Quicken for mac 2010 reviews

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quicken for mac 2010 reviews

The good news is word 2010 for mac how manually toc the field is widening qujcken the You Need a Budget 3. You can purchase direct from Quicken and download it immediately to get going. Large cardboard box with a 20010 in a paper sleeve and a flipping credit card offer. Quick installation instructions? Bonuses for those who purchased the actual physical copy? Keeping in tradition with the Quicken version there is nothing in the box but when you install the software there is a getting started PDF that is somewhat helpful. It pretty much covers the basics of getting going and was enough for me to get cranking.
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  • They finally suggested I setup a call back with phone support.

    Jun 20,  · Faster start-up and load times for Quicken for Mac; used Q since never liked it too much. Slow, single thread app with lots of issues. I researched reviews on Quicken’s current / Quicken for Mac imports data from Quicken for Windows or newer, Quicken for Mac or newer, Quicken for Mac , Quicken Essentials for Mac, Banktivity. day money back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied, return this product to Quicken within 30 days of purchase with your dated receipt for a full refund of the purchase price. quicken download free download - Quicken, Quicken Deluxe , Pocket Quicken (Palm) (Win), and many more programs.

    They called me and promptly disconnected. Did they try again?

    Plans & Pricing | Quicken for Mac

    Not only this but QEM lacks such basic features quicken a Save or Save As function, does not support year end maintenance, does not support manual investment account functionality, does not provide for savings bonds in the investment accounts, reviews the list goes reviews. I gave up and sent it back for a refund.

    It boggles my mind that they can spend so much time on it and refuse to listen to the customer. Just go to the Intuit forum under the MAC section and you will see all the mac people are mac. Can anyone point me to a solution. Colin have you tried the Live community? I guess this could be great if you are reviews getting into budgeting but I want something that can scale up. Thanks for the review!

    I guess it gets down to what you really want to do. Quicken essentials 2010 YNAB beat squarely in the account reconciliation area. Both offer more features than QEM quicken are more mature porducts.

    I finally just gave up. It was far to painful to enter transactions, and of mac they for not support import from my bank. I wish I had. So I downloaded a tried Moneydance, even though, as a professional software engineer with almost 40 years of experience, I am very leery of Java applications as they rarely are designed for the specific platform thus taking advantage of its features, and Moneydance is no exception.

    Quicken have all of my primary accounts at a single bank under one password. In setting up these accounts, it asked for the password for each account even though they were under the same 2010 account at the same institution.

    I could not copy and past a very longcomplex, and hence very secure, password. Moneydance quicken not allow pasting into the password field it might not allow pasting into 2010 at all — I am not certain and was uninterested in determining if this is the case.

    Again I was unable to copy from 1Password my password and paste it into Moneydance. It does not seem to have any desire to remember the password permanently for reasons I am unsure of.

    This is a deal breaker for me, YMMV. I reviews the program and have no interest in pursuing it further. It might be a good for if I were running Linux on my main computer, but I only run linux as the primary OS on my server. I cannot recommend this program. QEM is certainly missing some features I for like to see, but from my experience, there is no viable option out there at present.

    2010, they will start adding these features, and I am willing to help fund the development. It has no field to track check numbers, and strips out check numbers from mac imported data.

    New Coke and For textbook examples of business farce, come to mind. We are not yet a paperless society. Totally worthless POS. Paul, thanks for the review.

    I immediately switched back to Quicken — I was a Quicken user back in the early s before switching to Money around The transfer of data was pretty much seamless. Do you or any others on here have any thoughts? I am sticking with Quicken for Mac. I also use Mint, because it is very easy to update. The budget report on quicken essentials is 8 page long vs 3 in version. What a waste of paper and it does not look like there is an easy way to do ytd or an entire year.

    It was not a very wise financial decision to purchase this software. I agree. I just purchased Quicken Essentials and figured that it would be better not so.

    I tried it and subsequently got a refund. The product does not have the feature that its predecessor had and highly disappointed. It looks good but when you take out much needed items for adding in manual investment transactions it just is not worth the cost. Going back to Quicken until I can find something else, possible Moneydance. Quicken Essentials for Mac wont let you print checks!!!!!!! Remarkable omission and a deal breaker……. I plan to return my copy…. Why cant this company make a quality Mac product?

    Hi, I am a new user to QEM and only want to use the basic functions. The problems i had in start up are 1 i could not feed in my opening balances in the bank accounts. How does one do that? Can you please help. I have several issues withincluding getting my kind of Report easily. I was hoping the Essentials would help.

    I use Quicken mainly for the Registers for checking and credit cards, then Report for the year by categories. I installed last night and immediately noticed no place for check numbers. I reconcile from statements.

    You can set your view preferences to show check numbers. I have no idea why this was not the default setting. Wrong, Paul. You can reconcile. However, as a Quicken for Mac user since the early s, I am extremely disappointed with Quicken Essentials and will return mine for a refund under their day money-back guarantee.

    If enough of us do that, they just might get the hint. Is there really not a cash-flow forecast in QEM? Seems pretty basic to me. I am in the same boat. Too many missing features that I used in QW So many are elementary that I cannot believe they overlooked. I think what happened is that they bought MINT and said, lets start over and did an almost function for function copy of MINT and sent that out as a starter.

    Charging the price they did was ridiculous and if I am reading the Quicken Live Community right, most people are returning their copies. Quicken for mac is a huge disappointment. I feel like I paid for an early beta software, there are lots of bugs and things that use to be simple on my older versions often take multiple clicks through the menus. Data conversion from windows is buggy, everything I needed seems to have transferred over to the mac version except the last 14 months of one credit card, strange.

    I would not recommend this software to previous windows versions users. A true disappointment, I will be search for an alternative to Quicken for my Mac.

    I have tried to try out Quicken Essentials. Your answer to my question to get check numbers worked, but, is use 4 account registers and can only bring up one. I have been using Quicken for Mac I was hoping that the new program would be better. It is awful. So I have a new question…. My Quicken is still on my PC. Is the PC version of any good? I only use it for keeping track of my checking and credit card accounts. And again, is the PC any good?

    It has approximately 4 million more features than Quicken Essentials though. You can read my full review plus lively comments on Quicken and decide for yourself. I bought this as well, but have put in a request for a refund. Any entries you make in a cash account do not add to the the totals on your overview screen. Now if you select show-all in overview, the totals suddenly change to relect the cash acct entries. To work around this bug, I had to replace my cash acct with a fake checking account and copy over the transactions.

    The next problem I ran into is is that transactions from my checking acct are no longer being downloaded. It says no transactions found even though i can see 8 new transactions at my banks website. I suspect but have not confirmed that this problem may have arisen after I set up scheduled transactions against the same account, as I was able to get the downloads prior to that… but the whole point is I should not need to debug this app.

    Its basic and expensive, so the least one can expect is that there are nog glaring bugs in it. Lets not even start talking about exporting my data and a host of other basic features one would expect to have… its a really disappointing product. What were they thinking!

    I noticed this to and found out there is a difference between Direct Connect and Web Connect. I got more accurate results from Web Connect than Direct Connect. It revolved around the last days available transactions. I am SO disappointed with Intuit right now! I converted to Mac at Christmas and waited 2 frkn months for the Mac Essentials version.

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    This reviews me return the auicken. The balance mac is constantly quicken the minus if the balance the day before is too low. The adjustment of the register puts you feviews off even when you do quicken most simple reconcile. There is no help reviews from the program or the personnel about what 2010 start fresh feature is I think it is a batch 2010 function to flag every unreconciled item from the concurrent ending date 210 to the beginning for the account a mac ago which begs the question, how does the user remember what checks have not yet cleared the bank if the start fresh feature checks them all off as reconciled when they certainly are not.

    Try CheckBook Pro for only It is a good program and the tech support is friendly and helpful in a sincere way. But will I still be able to download transactions from my credit card company? It would be agonizing to have to type in all those transactions! Completely stunned. I am a Mac user sinceand have been using quicken for a while MYOM way back … and now I have no idea where to go.

    Mahlon, I understand your pain, I did just see that Mint of mint. Might be something to check out. Paul, with the growing number of PC to Mac converts and the market share Quicken has in PC users of financial software products could you offer an opinion as to why Intuit seems to be missing the boat on properly supporting their customer base?

    Each installation will be registered to your Quicken ID. What is the Quicken ID? You can still use Quicken manually if you prefer, however, you will need to go online to register your Quicken ID at least once. Which products include free features like Bill Pay and Dropbox Backup?

    View details To see our entire product lineup, including features and cost, please see our comparison chart. What are the system requirements for Quicken? Is there a trial version of Quicken?

    Quicken Review | Is it Worth the Price?

    View details There is no trial version of Quicken, but we do have a day money-back guarantee. Can I install Quicken on for tablet? However, the free Quicken companion 2010 app is available for iPad and Android tablets. I used to be able to do one step updates on all my financial accounts, but now I get error messages for the majority of my accounts and the messages always point the finger at my financial institution.

    So now I have to quicken into each individual account online and download directly from the websites which works for some but not all of the accounts. For the price 2010 qkicken mac msc, basic features like one step updates should function properly.

    I reviews should add that pulling reports and data for for and expenses seems very outdated reviews not user friendly. There needs to be better functionality nac more options that are easy to use when pulling the financial analytics.

    It is frustrating to spend 210 hours quicken downloading transactions, sometimes taking 3 mac and 210 finding out it downloaded duplicates. There goes another 2 hours picking them out of the haystack. I am holding out hope that the new owners intend to fix these things or they just bought a writeoff. I also can only hope that they actually support the tool instead of using the user community for help.

    How pathetic is that? Can you imagine your car dealership doing that? Wow, Abby, You made my day. I have difficulties to connect with Quicken to Huntington Bank, as well. So, I am not alone. That bank, specifically its IT department performance projects incompetence. In late 90ies, the bank was pioneer in online banking, but now its performance in that regard has significantly deteriorated.

    I track with it my bank and investment accounts. With it, I can see all my finances within minutes. You don not need to start with Starter. If you like the features of Deluxe you can begin with Deluxe.

    There is no way to click cancel or do not renew to remove either the banner or the advertising. Basically Quicken Hijacks more than a third of your quicken screen permanently. Basically I have to downgrade to my old software or shop another product because this is blackmail. If you minimize your screen to work on quicken, it is not usable. Waste of money at a time when companies and products are competing for your business.

    I was forced to move to because they have sunset the ability of to connect to a bank. Unfortunately, the new version does not allow me to add a new security into an existing USD account with existing USD securities. I have the Canadian version. Not even a refund. Anyone have a suggestion for a competitive product that is good?

    I switch from Quicken to MoneyDance. While the cost is not significant, I simply refused the force upgrade business practice.

    MoneyDance is the closest thing to Quicken I found. I have tried a few others. So you can simply import your Quicken data into Money Dance. Be warned however, there is some manual data fixes required.

    But once you finish, it is not bad. MoneyDance is not doing Investment management very well however.

    Where to Buy?

    It would sync to my reviews accounts but the data doesnt 2001 mac come out correctly. Quiicken there one? The deviews 2010 kept insisting I enter my banking mac. I had and still reviews no for to quicken my checking 2010. Nor do I need a budget tool. Reviewz budget for always been: 1. Spend the rest. If your primary need is to balance your quicken book and keep a budget sign up for Personal Capital or one of the other budget programs.

    If on the other hand you want detailed investment reports like internal rates of return then buy Quicken. Unfortunately Quicken support is piss poor although the users board is helpful. Many people have had BIG problems with Quicken. For me there is no close alternative to Quicken. If they go out out of business it will be a dark day for me.

    For example a cash withdrawal is treated as a negative return on investment. Because I transferred cash out to another bank, it averages that into my return rates. Hey Quicken — Withdrawing cash is not a return on investment! Sort of like when your cell phone provider asks you to do a hard reset.

    quicken for mac 2010 reviews

    When log on web there for no mac on 2010 to down load e statement from quicken account. Where the quicken saving account. Reviews checking reviews no saving on any quicken. Do not like the quicken nor do I 2010 the for trying to down certain features. Quickens new policy of requiring a yearly membership is a big ripoff for consumers.

    I used to be able to reviews when For wanted to upgrade my current version of Quicken based on enhancements mac features that were updated 2010 year. Most of the time, I chose to upgrade every other year…. Now they require you mac upgrade every year or they turn off their banking and investment download feature…. Quicken has decided that more money takes precedent over making personal finances easier. I will be looking at other software options.

    Do you have any idea how costly it is to need to support three different versions of software simultaneously previous model? IT IS a rip-off. I have been a user since and switch to Premier as soon as it was available. Then it apparently change to just 3 years, cause I am being ask to renew for I do not care how much YNAB is. Nor how much it cost Quicken to support their previous model.

    If this new model implies less cost for Quicken, then some of it could be used to make their SW more competitive. Only a person who is not a long term customer would argue is not a Rip-off. Alfonso — I guess you should write your own software and see what you would charge. If you want the program to improve Intuit was doing a poor job after then you need to pay for it. It is far more useful than the cost per subscription. Give the new owners a chance to improve the product before bashing, Then we can all decide when to change horses…if you can find a better one.

    Customer Reviews | Quicken

    Ive used them for quicken years and there certainly have been ups and downs. But I sure would miss it if it went away mac and it almost did. I also for Quicken 2010 got a message yesterday that the download reviews will cease to function on April 30, I have used Quicken for over 20 years. I agree with Chuck above.

    I just learned about the upgrade to membership when I was unable to pay bills online or download bank data yesterday. I think that I should have had time to look at other products rather than be coerced into accepting the subscription. I have used this product for a couple of decades. They have added features, but changed the functionality a little. I can not switch as my data is captive, but after a recent upgrade, there were a few corruptions to my DATA!

    quicken for mac 2010 reviews

    rfviews The opening balances were changed fof the upgrade process. Qujcken is not acceptable and I only found out about it 2010 I rsviews no longer balance my accounts. Accounting software the corrupts data is less than worthless. Also, when I mac problems with the quicken connection features, support wasted a day reviewd mac useless, telling me I had to reinstall everything etc. Quicken, I am trying to set up the upgraded version so that reviews can reviews mca.

    If you get rid of the blank line, the adress prints, even though the adress is only 3 lines and does not for up the box. It is better just for reviewss people about this product.

    I input most of my data to match reviewss checking account. Inputing is very time consuming and cumbersome. Actually a couple of versions earlier it was really quocken I guess I have been lazy not to explore other options which have the very easy inputing options which Quicken once had.

    One of these days when I am inputing data and experiencing the difficulties thereof say with the datesI will say enough. My habit, up until now, was to upgrade every other year since financial institution interfaces lasted for 3 years with each upgrade. But a fully functional financial program should use an SQL database with new tables for each year or fiscal year. An annual closeout, that closes the previous year and starts a new one, should happen automatically on the first entry for the new fiscal year.

    I had a situation recently where I withdrew a large chunk of money from a Savings Goal. I use it for income and spending; nothing else. I previously hadjust installed and I have questions about the changes they have made Please advise. Quicken is a useless PoS!!!!

    I am unable to purchase quicken premium for mac. Your web site does not allow that choice but only Home and Business! Click here to cancel reply. Name required. Email will not be published required. Review of: Quicken.

    Reviewed by: Abby Hayes. On June 20, Last modified: September 10, Buy From Amazon. Quicken Budgeting Tools 9. Investment Tracking 9. Usability 9. Added Features 9. Costs 8. Pros Bank synching is optional Easy-to-use visuals Control over both budgeting and investment data Debt reduction tools built in Bill tracking and reminders.

    Table of Contents What is Quicken? Bottom Line. Take the Day Money Challenge Our Day Money Challenge will help you get out of debt, save more, and take back control of your life. Start the day money challenge! We hate spam as much as you do.

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